In-Process Electrical Dressing of Metal-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels

Abstract— A new development of hybrid in-process electrical dressing of metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels is proposed in this paper. The electrical dressing method is used for overcoming the limitations of the conventional dressing methods available in relation to a super-abrasive wheel because of the hardness of its abrasive grains and the durability of its
bonding material. The proposed hybrid in-process electrical dressing method consists of electro-discharge and electro-chemical processes and is implemented with twin copper electrodes and alternating power supplies. The results
show that with properly maintained process conditions, a better surface finish is produced by the proposed method compared with traditional rotating SiC wheel dressing.
Index Terms — Electro-chemical, electro-discharge, in-process dressing, metal-bonded diamond grinding wheel.

A. Sudiarso and J. Atkinson

Download: In-Process Electrical Dressing of Metal-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels.

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